Der Hamburger und Germania Ruder Club von 1836

Der Club

Der Hamburger und Germania Ruder Club, also known as Der CLUB for short, is not only one of the oldest sports clubs in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, but also one of the oldest rowing clubs in the world.

Rowing has been the primary reason for almost all CLUB members to join the Der Hamburger and Germania Ruder Club. Besides the training conditions, the social aspect is certainly another reason for many to choose the CLUB.

Rowing in the CLUB

Der Hamburg und Germania Ruder Club offers children, teenagers and adults the opportunity to pursue the passion of rowing alone or together and to explore Hamburg’s waters as a recreational playground.

The History of our Rowing Club



Our Boathouse

The hub of CLUB life is the boathouse on the western bank of the Außenalster in the heart of Hamburg.

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Der Hamburger und Germania Ruder Club von 1836
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