2017 Ghent International Rowing May regatta

Dear Rowing Friends,
Attached I am sending you the program of the 2017 Ghent International Rowing May regatta, which will take place on May 6 and 7, 2017.
This regatta includes the "International Belgian Rowing Championships for Seniors" and the "International Flemish Championships for Juniors".
For many years this regatta is one of the major international rowing events of the region, attracting a huge mix of high level club and national pre-selection crews.
The program offers the opportunity to participate in a nearly similar program on both days.
Beside the traditional Senior and Junior offer, we have added, as last year, also an extensive U23 program.
Indeed, recent talks with some team managers and coaches showed a need for more early season international U23 competitions, especially after the knowledge that the offer of such events seemed quite low in spring 2017.
By adding again this extensive U23 offer, our Organizing Committee tries to contribute to a solution.
Again, the U23 events on Saturday will also be referred to as "International Belgian Rowing Championships".
If you need any supplementary information, do not hesitate to contact me.
I thank you in advance for your attention to my message and wish you all success in 2017!
With my sincere regards,
Chair 2017 Ghent International Rowing May regatta OC
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